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From challenging ground conditions and design flaws to differing site conditions, construction teams often face engineering challenges. Foster can deliver breakthrough insights that empower your decision-making and help reduce design and construction risks, claims, and failures.

We offer the A-to-Z of building design, sustainability, mechanical, electrical and public health services, helping to ensure buildings are fit for purpose and exceed client and user expectations from day one. The earlier you engage with a Foster, the more your project can benefit .

We can support you from the earliest stages of a building project, embedding high standard design details, energy efficiency and net zero concepts into specifications created for builders and contractors. Our approach extends from overarching strategies to specifics, such as the weight, size and location of essential equipment.

Too often an architectural design is rushed through without proper consideration and people end up living with the consequences. We will meet you to listen to what you want, understand your lifestyle and have an open discussion about project costs.

We believe that each project has a different story in which we aim to generate a project that always makes a space in which the designed elements have their dialogue with their environment. 

All main conceptual and constraint-respondent elements are already set from the previous phase, we start to set all necessary modifications for further project development. Our team along with all computational advancements can set all boundaries straight.

The Fundamental Design will define the project in terms of final space layout, construction materials, interior and exterior finish built-in equipment, and specialists equipment and systems.

The Final Documents, which are an extremely important culmination of the project, hold great value as they outline in detail the crucial aspects of the project such as Tendering, Contracting, and Construction procedures. 

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