Due to environmental legislation and ever-changing regulations, the environmental impact resulting from noise and air quality can be critical factors in determining development suitability and the comfort of occupants. Good Acoustic design can improve well-being, aid learning, and improve the population’s health. Air Quality is now the most significant environmental risk for early death, so the impact of air quality on and off-site is now fundamental to the planning process.

Our experienced team delivers on our client’s expectations enhancing spaces to provide better living and working environments. Our specialist team can assess and mitigate any potential issues in line with relevant regulations to ensure we meet the needs of all involved and maximize developable area. We use the latest measurement technology and cutting-edge computer modelling programs to identify the noise, air, odor, vibration and overheating issues for new and existing developments and specify cost-effective mitigation solutions.

We can provide initial sketched layouts and high level cost estimates based on appropriate construction methods which are appropriate for your project, site location and conditions meeting your air and acoustic specifications.

Providing thorough architectural, interior and acoustic design. We can specify the following areas according to your needs including:

  • Specification of acoustic materials
  • Lighting design
  • Integration of technical and air-conditioning services
  • Proprietary acoustic treatment elements.

Excellent air conditioning systems design is fundamental in areas designed for acoustic perfection. If designed wrongly there will be high levels of background noise. We provide system performance specifications, system design, and system integration.

As part of the design process we can prepare design drawings, we also have in house 3D visualization software if preferred.

Creating and sign-off of production drawings and information packs which are suitable for skilled construction teams to conduct work under our project management.

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